Tucson's choice for Organics since 1999

Certified Organic Produce Delivery

in Tucson, Arizona. 

Delivered to your home or office!

Matt's Organics offer produce produce boxes that are delivered to your home or office. Whether you enjoy cooking meals from scratch, choose to fuel your body with freshly pressed juices, or just need quick options for a busy lifestyle, Matt's offer a produce box for everyone. 

If you like to plan meals with specific ingredients, our webstore is a great place to shop for specialty fruits and veggies, farm-fresh eggs, and freshly pressed apple cider!

 Our prices are competitive with local grocery retailers, plus we save you the hassle of driving to and from the store, dealing with Tucson traffic, waiting in line...orwandering around the produce section trying to figure out what to bring home!

Each subscription box is comprised of 1/3 fruits, 1/3 cooking vegetables, salad fixings, potatoes, onions, and garlic!

What's in a Box?